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Easily, privately cross-reference your SNP data.

Got a 23andMe data file? SNPTips™ allows you to instantly see how SNPs on web pages match your personal genotype.*

Install SNPTips Add-on for Firefox

SNPTips v1.1

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What is SNPTips™?

SNPTips is a Firefox browser extension that allows customers of the 23andMe and deCODEme personal genomics services to access their SNP genotype information without leaving the web page they’re reading.

Ever read a blog post or journal article that mentions a particular SNP, and immediately wonder what your genotype is at that SNP? Rather than opening another browser window or tab, logging in to 23andMe or deCODEme, and searching for the SNP in your data, SNPTips allows you to simply hover your mouse cursor over the SNP RSID in the article text, and a tooltip displays your genotype information immediately! Click the icon next to an RS ID, and a popup also provides smart links to common reference websites, like SNPedia, Google Scholar and dbSNP, so you can research the SNP further.

Getting Started with SNPTips™

Need help getting SNPTips configured with your SNP data? Click here for instructions.


Please let us know if you encounter issues with SNPTips:

*SNPTips is affiliated with neither 23andMe nor deCODEme. SNPTips is a product and a trademark of 5AM Solutions, Inc. 5AM Solutions makes no claims regarding, and is not responsible for, 23andMe’s or deCODEme’s content, products, or services.

**SNPTips is made available under the Creative Commons – Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. By downloading and installing SNPTips, you agree to be bound by this license.

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